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Affiliate program

Latest changes: 24.02.2021

The main source of information about the calculation of affiliate rewards in the OTON ecosystem is the affiliate program.

The current version of the paper can always be found in your account or download via the link: https://oton.org/media/3.%20Marketingplan%20(EN).pdf?b5d19c14

If you have any questions about the affiliate program, first contact your sponsor, if needed – to the senior one, and so on up the structure.

Attendance of webinars held by the structure leaders of the OTON ecosystem is an assurance of having the least amount of questions.

Join our Telegram channels to get up-to-date info about the affiliate program, updates, events, news, and so on:



Also for your accommodation, we’ve launched an OTON Ecosystem Bot in Telegram. Here you can find all the information about products, see event announcements, generate QR-codes for quick delivery of referral links, and many more. Personal assistant @otonecosystembot is always by your hand.

Creating a support ticket is needed when:

there’s an atypical situation occurred with the affiliate program;

you’ve noticed a mistake in the program or couldn’t find an answer with your sponsor.

We’re always happy to help!

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