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How are the pool rewards carried out?

Latest changes: 14.12.2020

There are 2 types of pools: 6 % и 4 %.

Weekly rewards distribution for 6% is open for qualified partners with Ruby and Emerald ranks. To qualify for this pool a partner must get 100 or more points for first-line sales in the last 28 days.

Gold and Platinum partners can also participate in the pool if they have become partners of the ecosystem up to and including 02.11.2020. The system will automatically determine the partners who qualify and distribute the rewards among them.

Let’s look at the example of the payout for the 6% pool. Let’s assume you get 50 points for personal sales on November 12th. In the next week up to November 19th, you get another 50 points for personal sales and at the closest distribution have qualified for the pool. Every week the ecosystem counts your points for personal sales in the last 28 days. It means that on November 22th, 29th, and December 6th you will get the payouts. If there were no sales during this period, then on December 13th you are no longer qualify for the pool payouts, as the 50 points required for that will be already used. To qualify for the pool again, you need to keep track of your total amount of points, so it doesn’t get less than 100 for the last 28 days.

Partners with ranks of Diamond, Green Diamond, Red Diamonds, Black Diamond, and Ambassador are participating in a weekly reward distribution for 4% pool.
There is no participation for participants of this pool.

You can see your accruals at your back office on oton.org.

In case you still have questions about rewards distribution, please contact tech support. You must specify:

  • Information about the date you passed qualification;

  • Date and amount of received rewards from the pools;

  • Screenshot of a bonus pool chart.

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