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Internal funds transfer

Latest changes: 05.11.2020

One of the important advantages of the EasyBizzi system wallet is the fact that internal transfers occur instantly and without commission.

Money transaction:
1. Go to the Wallet section.
2. Select the “Transfer” function.
3. Specify the amount of transfer and e-mail account to which you transfer funds.
4. Click "Transfer" to confirm the operation.


Important! Internal transfer is possible with 2 personally invited and paid partners, regardless of the package purchased.


If the internal transaction fails, you need to pay attention to possible errors:

1. Check if in the sum there is a point between the numbers (not a comma).
2. Check for sufficient amount on balance.
3. Check the correctness of the e-mail to which you are making an internal transfer.
4. Make sure that there are 2 personally invited and paid partners.
5. Try to make an internal transaction in another browser (GoogleChrome is recommended).

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