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What should be done if you or the sponsor made a mistake with the mail when registering

Latest changes: 05.11.2020

You can change your email address yourself.

1. Go to the Profile section in the Dashboard


2. In the line "Enter your e-mail" enter a new login / e-mail


3. Click "save" at the bottom of the page and enter the current password.


In some situations, you need to change the login using the technical department:

  • if the e-mail was incorrectly specified during registration, and the password does not match
  • if you do not remember the password and do not have access to e-mail

In this case, you must apply by creating a ticket on the technical support page. To identify the user, provide the following data:

  1. E-mail / login, which was specified during registration.
  2. Photo of the passport page , where you can clearly see the full name, as in the profile.
  3. A photo with a passport in hand for ID at the moment (selfie with a passport).
  4. E-mail / login of partner who has registered you. If you are a direct sponsor - all your data - full name (as in the Personal Account), e-mail.

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